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Default Re: Advice for them as likes to replace bucking bars

Good advice, crassius. Thank you. Bolt threads have no place in the clutch shaft bore.

Another alternative to a shoulder bolt is the shank of a 5/16" or 8mm drill bit. Yes, they're hard to cut; you'll need a carbide grinding wheel, but the hardness makes them a good choice for long life. Proper lubrication is critical. I've heard some say they use oil or, heaven forbid, WD-40 to lube those clutch actuating parts. A good grade of bearing grease should be used.

Smoothing and even polishing the ends of the bucking bar will also help reduce clutch pull force. The ramp of the cam in the cover should also be rounded and smoothed for the same reason. The smoother those parts, the less force required to disengage the clutch.

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