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Default Re: Silver Solder question

Something to keep in mind is that soft solder, like 60/40, 50/50, solid core used with flux or rosen core solder won't stick to stainless steel cable. If your cables are stainless you'll have to use high temp brazing alloy or Bairdco's weld bead method. That, or crimping.

Brass tubing, like the K&S brand sold in hobby shops and some hardware stores works well for cable ends if you're making a throttle cable. I use 1/16" ID tubing, cut to about 1/8" long soldered to the cable to act as a stop to lift the throttle slide. It is a little less labor intensive than wrapping with small copper wire and makes a nice clean cable end. I also use it on the end of the clutch cable to keep it from fraying.

As has been posted here before on this subject by me and others, cleanliness is the key to soldering. The cable must be free of dirt, oil, grease, rust, oxidation or any impurity. Solder won't stick to any of those and will bead up and roll off. Heat control is also critical. Too cold or too hot and the solder won't stick or flow.

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