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Default Re: Silver Solder question

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
I've been experimenting with making new throttle cable stops or ends, so I can start shortening the cables to fit. So far the best luck I've had is by using a torch and wrapping a thin strand of copper wire around the cable tip then dipping it in a tiny crucible (old socket driver held upright in a vice) of solder to coat it. A couple of dips and it's about the right size. I haven't tried one on a bike yet, still just trying different things on off-cuts from clutch cables.

I hadn't thought of that appraoch, though.. I'll try it with the welder, now that you've mentioned it.
What I do for cable ends is a variation of your copper wire method and it works fine for me.I figure out where I want the cable to end, but at this time I don't cut it off. Instead I use an awl (ice pick or anything pointy) to make a "hole" between the strands of cable, big enough that I can work a few strands of thin copper wire into the hole and then wrap it around the cable a couple of times. A bit of paste flux , solder (whatever kind you have, but the type of flux must match), give it heat to melt the solder and in no time the copper acts almost like a magnet attracting the solder to itself... much moreso that the steel cable. Now you have a nice cable end blob that may need to be shaped a bit with a file, sandpaper or easiest of all your dremel type rotary tool. Now snip off the excess cable at the end of your solder bead. I've never had one come apart. Describing how to do it takes longer than doing it. Ha!
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