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Retracting or canceling your bid
In this article

Under what conditions can I retract a bid?
How long do I have to retract a bid?
What if I can't retract a bid?
Other terms

As a general rule, you can't retract or cancel a bid. Once you place a bid, you agree to pay for the item if you're the winning bidder. However, honest mistakes sometimes occur.

If you want to retract a bid:
Review the conditions and time restrictions for canceling a bid.
If you feel you have a valid reason for canceling a bid, fill out the Bid Retractions form.
If you want to cancel a Best Offer, use the Best Offer Cancellation form.
If you won an item and you no longer want to buy it, you need to contact the seller.

A bid on eBay is considered a contract, and you're obligated to purchase the item. Read about changing your mind about an item.
Under what conditions can I retract a bid?

Whether you can retract a bid depends on the circumstances and timing of the bid. You can retract a bid for the following reasons:
You accidentally entered the wrong bid amount due to a typographical error. For example, you bid $99.50 instead of $9.95. If this happens, you need to reenter the correct bid amount right away. Changing your mind does not qualify as accidentally entering a wrong bid amount.
The item's description changed significantly after you entered your last bid. For example, the seller updated details about the item's features or condition.
You can't reach the seller by telephone or email.
How long do I have to retract a bid?

If you meet any of the above conditions, consult the following table to determine if you meet the time restrictions for retracting the bid.

Time restrictions for retracting a bid
Auction ending time
Retraction allowed?
Listing ends in more than 12 hours
When you retract the bid, we remove all bids you placed on the item. If you are correcting a bidding error, you must bid again.
Listing ends in less than 12 hours
Yes, but only if you retract the bid within one hour of placing it
When you retract the bid, we remove only your most recent bid. Bids you placed prior to the last 12 hours of the listing are not removed.
What if I can't retract a bid?

If you can't retract a bid, you can contact the seller to request that your bid be canceled. The decision to cancel a bid is up to the seller.

Other terms

Please remember that every bid is binding, unless the item is listed in a category covered by the non-binding bid policy or the sale is prohibited by law or by our User Agreement. Bidding on multiple identical items should be done only if you intend to buy all of the items.

Your bids affect how other users bid for an item and the item's final selling price. We carefully investigate all bid retractions to determine whether they are appropriate and conform to the rules for buyers. Abuse of bid retractions can result in the suspension of your account.

Bids retracted within the last 24 hours of a listing can be viewed as an example of shill bidding, which is a serious violation of eBay policy.

You cannot retract a purchase made through a Buy It Now listing. Once you confirm your purchase, you are obligated to pay the seller.
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