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Default Re: Help - Help Me Get Motorized

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post

Asking for a refund or canceled transaction from a vendor will most likely get you negative feedback which isn't a good thing on ebay nowadays,

False. Every time that I have had to cancel a transaction (it happens - click on an item by mistake or realize you dont have the money in your account to cover it), I have been asked to provide feedback on the seller. Ebay would never allow one party in a transaction to leave feedback without also asking the other party to also leave feedback. So if you have to cancel a transaction, the seller knows that you'll be leaving feedback for them as well. So why would they leave negative feedback for you. You can also dispute negative feedback if you feel it is unfair. I havent had to cancel transactions that many times, in fact I can think of only one in the last year or two, but neither I nor the seller left negative feedback. While I do agree that trying to purchase a small item and seeing if you get approved is better, there is no harm in asking to cancel a transaction if need be. I am also pretty sure you can apply for bill me later on paypal's website without having to purchase anything. There is more than one way to skin a cat, all I'm saying.
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