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Default Re: Help - Help Me Get Motorized

As far as whether they require a DL in your area I'm not familiar with the laws over there or if or how well they enforce them... You could always put on the motor you want but tone it down if they want to inspect it then turn it back up afterwards... pretty much like the gas engines in most states they need to be under 50cc and not capable of over 30 mph, but they'll usually take your word on the engine size since the 50 and 66cc engines look so similar to the untrained eye... then don't buzz past a cop at 40mph while he's sitting in his car eating a donut and watching the triffic in a 30 mile an hour zone and you should be ok... Really, it all depends on what the rules there are and how or if they really enforce them, combined with common sense if you got more than what's considered legal, don't speed in the wrong places.
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