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Default Re: Help - Help Me Get Motorized

I see, wel honestly I'd like to do a electric kit, I honestly don't like the mixing fuel and having something so eye catching as a motor bolted to a bike frame but I know even less about electric kits and how the compare to gas kits, other then they cost a bit more and probably don't last as long but they seem to take less up keep, less effort to install and use much cheap fuel, aka electricity, Oh and you can keep them inside with out smelling up the place, though I'm sure they do have a smell after being used but I'm almost sure its not as bad as a gas motor, plus I live in a trailer so I wouldn't have to lock it up outside, I could bring it in.

The only thing I worry about is how long they last before something needs replaced, can they handle a larger rider such as I and can they travel about 15 miles daily,
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