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Default Re: Help - Help Me Get Motorized

Originally Posted by Crisscrow View Post
Ah, so what if you go to buy something that you don't have the total amount in your bank and they don't approve you for the bill me later?
No... It's just like applying for a credit card, they check your credit and based on your credit score, your income, and your debts, that's how they determine if you qualify and how much you qualify for... i'm sure I would have easily qualified for considerably more if my credit was better back when I got approved. I think the magic number for your credit score is above 610 to get approved with them because that's about where mine was when I got approved.

The cool part tho is that there's no interest as long as you pay it off within 6 months, but I always pay well above the minimum when the bill comes in in order to beat the interest anyway.
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