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Default Re: Help - Help Me Get Motorized

I just bought something inexpensive that I was going to buy anyway since I knew my credit was still in bad shape when I applied, it's much better now but back then I had a run with the IRS and they seized my income for 6 months so the only people who got paid were those I had to pay like the utilities, gorceries, and not much else so my credit got pretty much distroyed, even after catching up on everything it took about 5 years to get my credit back to half way decent.
It was just about a year or so ago when I applied and got approved, but they only approved me for $300 or so and the interest rate is really high so I always pay that one down before the interest kicks in, and it's helping me get my credit back because they do report the steady payments. If I do pay it all the way down I'll buy something else for about 1/3 the limit, usually something that I'm gonna buy anyway just to keep the payments going in and it's really helped so far.
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