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Default Re: Problem with centrifugal clutch - Newb

Yeah, that's the same video I saw a while back and that guy Fabian is a good guy and he's very well knowledgeable with these engines and their setups. He hangs out in another forum tho..

For the WD40 issue, I couldn't believe someone would use it as a lube in an area like this, but it does have several good points... I use it for cleaning because it'll leave the part spotless clean if you got nasty greas stains or caked on dirt/grease, let the parts soak in the WD for an hour or so and it'll disolve the grease, burnt oil, road grime etc... Excellent for cleaning parts.
Also takes off decal residue like nothing else, just soak a paper towel with the stuff and put it over the decal residue area and it'll soften it up enough to just wipe off in about 5 minutes... I use this method a lot when taking decals off painted surfaces since it won't harm paint.
It also makes a great starting fluid for diesel engines.

Ok... I better stop because I could easily fill up a whole page or more with what it's good for... lol, but for sure, it's not good for using as a lube
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