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Default Re: Another 5 Star rateing for Jim's Clutch Kit!

Jim -

Mine was a bit finicky too. With my stock pin I had no free play, and then I couldn't get the whole thing to work properly. So I swapped out for a shorter pin. Then I still had issues.

Turns out the small return spring that goes on the cable was the culprit. it was compressed with the clutch released, and because it was compressed it made kind of an S shape. So when you pulled the lever in, it would just take up slack on the cable to straighten the spring before it would move the arm. Took forever to realize that's what was happening. Currently with the shorter pin the clutch doesn't fully disengage, as the tire will spin with the clutch in locked position if I lift it off the ground. Not enough drag to keep it from idling though. I am going to try reinstalling the stock pin and see what happens. I may have to grind a tiny bit off of it to get between the 2 pins.
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