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Default Re: Another 5 Star rateing for Jim's Clutch Kit!

Thanks Guys, I really appreciate it.

I don't know why some are such a pain to install. I've installed quite a few here at the shop, and some are finicky.

The husband and wife team at peddling motors came down from Nashville for a vacation a while back.

We installed an actuator on her bike in 10 minutes and it worked perfect the first time. The original pin was correct, and no clutch adjustment was needed.

His was an entirely different story...what a fiasco...It started with the engine casting; it wasn't flat at the surface the actuator housing bolts to. We tightened the bolts and the cam became tight in the bore. The housing was distorting while tightening the bolts. We cleaned up the mating surface on the engine and solved that problem.

His engine had a 26mm was too short, so we used the 27.5mm pin that comes with the kit.

Next problem: his had a funny step in the clutch action. It's kinda hard to explain. When setting it up it felt like the cam was at the correct stop point to tighten the nut and lock the arm, but when moved by hand you coud feel a bump in the action, (about 30 degrees), and then it would travel in to the normal range of clutch operation. After removing the arm several times and starting over, it ended up that the initial arm placement was parallel to the housing as opposed to the slight inward angle that is shown in the installaition guide.

An hour later we finally had his installed and working properly.

One of the engines I bought recently was the same way. I also had one that the internal spring was adjusted to max tension from the factory.

These engines are all over the place in terms of finish, and dimensional consistency. I love it! Keeps me on my toes.

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