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Hello and thank you for reading and possibly helping, I am attempting to motorize a bike to get to and from a job, that's about 15 miles from where I live and though I've watched many videos on youtube on how to install the motor kits,

I am very new to the world of motorized bike kits, though I understand some of the general things, I still have no clue as to what I should look for in the online stores I'm able to find like Ebay that sells such kits and I'm not entirely sure what I am looking for, I was hoping joining this community here on the forums would help me figure these things out,

This is what I need from one of these kits,

Must not require a driver's license in the state of Oregon.

Able to get a 6'1 280lb + out of shape rider to a job 15 miles with legs that can still work a 8 hour shift then back home, daily.

Cheap, like really cheap, as cheap as possible in fact, this only has to last a year, if possible, I'd like to attempt to do this for around $300 to $350, 400 at the most not including the bike I still need to get.

I've never had a driver's license so I don't really understand the bottom lines and so on, on what requires a license but here a link I've had help finding, I still can't really make heads or tails, at least not confidently,

This kit doesn't have to do all the leg work, just get me there with minimal peddling so I'm not already tired from peddling when I get to work,

Rather it be a gas or electric, doesn't matter to me, as long as it does the job and cost the least.

So I'd really appreciate if I could get some help with the leg work on finding these stores and items, as well as any advice, thank you, I look forward to reading your posts.

I'll edit this post once I've made a purchase and no longer need help shopping.
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