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Default Re: Finally bought opti-2

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Lots of discussion here on the subject of break in using Opti-2. I and others do it and to my knowledge there have been no problems reported. Also there is no need to go heavier on the oil duing break in. I've seen some say to start with 80:1. I don't see the advantage to that.

Put some miles on the engine before you start messing with jet size. Two to three hundred is suggested then go smaller in steps keeping a close eye on spark plug color and listen for signs of a lean burn (bogging at WOT).
I personally don't rely on jet 'size' as sold. I've seen too much inconsistancy. Use the drill size, as has been discussed before. Drill sizes don't change depending on who's selling them. Jet sizes do.

My engine at my altitude is4 stroking so much at low throttle 2 door, that I'm really not gonna wait 200 miles before I tinker. I don't think it will hurt anything if I get her running properly from the get-go. The NT was not cutting it for me, I am putting dax carb on it now with about 10 miles so far.
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