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Default Re: Please Help Decide, thanks.

Originally Posted by LR Jerry View Post

In Oregon your build must be considered one of the following a moped, motor assisted scooter or an electric bicycle. A moped can be self built but must meet moped requirements. A moped also requires a drivers license. A motor assisted scooter doesn't require a driver's license but does have a 35 cc limit. An electric assisted bicycle doesn't requires a driver's license. However if you have a suspended license you can't operate anything with an electric motor or gas engine on it.
Hm, I thought it was 49cc, well I just never got a driver's license, I am in Oregon.

or I thought it was that it can't be something that can go past 35mph

Heh, still some what hard to understand, wish they'd elaborate on it a bit.

or if someone could say, if this number is at or above this number when it comes to scooters, mopeds, electric assisted, gas assisted bikes, it requires a driver's license, that'd be a bit more helpful, plus not all sellers use the same terms so....

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