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Default Please Help Decide, thanks.

Hello for a while now I've been considering getting some kind of motor kit for a future bike I'll be getting to get me to and from work, problem is, I don't have a lot of money and I'm no small guy,

I've considered getting a scooter but very few have a high enough max rider weight,

So far I've been looking at 49cc 2-stroke gas motor kits finding a, what I guess is rather cheap, motor kit, for $152.99 on Ebay, which as of now is probably going to be the one I get unless help here points me in another direction.

Lately though I've been looking at electric motor kits and wondering if they'd be a possibly good option, they appear to require less maintenance and have a lot less restraints on choice of bike

So I'm hoping I can get a little help with picking the right motor kit for me, here are my criterias,

With in a $250 budget, including any S&H to the USA.
Needs to take a 280lb + rider 15 miles to work and back.
Last at least a year or two.
Does not require any driver's license of any kind to operate.

Just to be clear, I'm well aware of that cheaper rarely means a good thing with these but I don't have the choice in the matter, also, the road to work, is a rather flat road with a slight incline uphill on the way back, I don't expect this motor kit to do all the work, just get me to work with out of shape legs that can still work a 8 hour shift.

In closing, thanks for all the advice and help, I look forward to reading every thing.

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