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Default Re: NEW... a journey recounted in paragraphs!


Not a single problem, except for the rear tire issue... been changing oil (10w-30 synthetic) every 10 operating hours. Checked the clutch, ready for 2,000 more miles... valves, fine... brakes, another 1,000 or more to go... bearings, beautiful... fenders, still in place... spokes and rims, taking a beating but good... tensioner, better on the pedal side but ok... Huffy frame, doing surprisingly well!

All in all, if you are building a daily driver; go 4-stroke! I ride in rain or shine, sometimes snow and there has been nothing but happy-repair-free miles! This will probably be my final check in before I take my bike mining, won't be back until September. Just me and my bike in the middle of two rocks and a hard place...

I'm also posting the pics of my dyno-electrical controller below:

Underside of board...

Topside of board...

Case, Light switch, Power indicator

Mounted to the cantilevers on a beach cruiser...
Here is My Panama Jack Build, 2013 - 142F 4G HD

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