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Default Re: First break down....

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
What do you mean by "gave out"? What actually failed? The plastic part the cable wraps around is called the thimble. That's what usually breaks. The reason is too much force being applied to the twisting action and the cable being pulled very tight against the plastic. You can adjust the cable length and tension to keep that from happening again. Most any motorized bicycle twist grip throttle you find will be of about the same quality so take it easy with your replacement.

It was the thimble that gave out, I'll be readjusting the tension when the new one comes in, the length seems fine.
By the way Tom I've been using Opti2 1.8oz per gallon it's working out very well for break-in on the new motor, the other day I pulled a plug inspection and the color was light to medium brown.
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