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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by xseler View Post
Had to adjust my CNS V3 carb today. Seems like as time goes by, it's getting progressively harder to start. Even with the 'choke' on, it doesn't want to start. If I richen the mix, it'll bust right off. However, it then 4 strokes something fierce. I now carry a screwdriver on the back rack to adjust before and after starting.

Oh well, little annoyances for a bigger joy!
Check your carb for an air leak right in frot of the pinch clamp where it connects to the intake manifold... These are notorious for leaking right there. I stuffed that area with RTV after installing my CNS carb and let it cure before running it and it's been pretty reliable so far.
Another good thing about the CNS is that it's a Mikuni clone so it can use Mikuni jets, gaskets, floats, needles, and rebuild kits, it's basically a clone of the Yamaha PW80 carb.
Hope that gets your carb dependable again... Enjoy
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