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Default Re: NEW... a journey recounted in paragraphs!

Pinch flats typically occur when the bead of the tire has not been seated properly. I have practiced proper tire changing and inflation, and here is my routine. I do everything by hand, no tools. I remove the tire by working the bead loose a little at a time until I can pull it the whole way off one side of the rim. I remove the bad tube and take a new tube and give it a few pumps until it's round and not flat anywhere. Usually takes about 4 pumps with my hand pump. Then I put the tube in the tire and put the tire back on the rim, again from one side, no working both sides of the bead separately. Shop mechanics may tell you that working the bead on from both sides helps eliminate the chance of a pinch flat, but I have found that I got more pinch flats doing it that way. The next part is the most important. I inflate the tire a little bit at a time and after every few pumps, I work the bead back down on the rim until there is enough pressure to keep the bead from moving on its own. I have never had a pinch flat since using this procedure for changing tires. Haven't had any kind of flats except for a front tube going bad from sitting all winter. And I run tubes that are pre-filled with slime, and currently running Kenda K838's. Very durable tire and smooth rolling. Still look brand new after 700 miles.
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