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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Yeah, that's true and they won't fit if you want to keep the V brakes... I don't mind using V brakes on mine since they do stop you pretty well as long as they're adjusted right and the pads are in good shape, and V brakes have to be the easiest caliper type brakes to adjust too... I'm going to run them again with my new front end... if I ever get the time to put it all back together... lol. My new shock came in earlier today and I need to open up the holes at the top and bottom to make it fit the Girvin shock mounts. I also swapped out the spring it came with for teh Girvin spring which is considerably softer, but there's a lot of adjustment on that shock so it won't be too soft. maybe later this morning after I get a few hours of sleep I'll put that all back together and get it ready to install on the bike.
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