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Default Re: Looking to buy first bike engine kit and i need help deciding which is the best?

But yeh if you want a kit that will out last the bike its on

buy a gen v and strip it down to the bare case halfs and then stuff the crank bearing bosses then reasemble it with the juice motoparts kit with high qual bearings and copper gaskets
also remove the crank end play with shims i used 6 shims to get rid of my end play on my current build by taking them from other scrap motors i had but knowing my crank wont slap around in the case and knowing i have good bearings and a well balanced crank means the bottom end will last the life of the bike and the motor will only require a piston ring and jug swap every 2500 miles or so

No matter what kit you gwt i would order the puch 70cc hi hi head at the same time though you will apretiate the extra cooling and all around power it gives , the huge cooling fins will help the motor last longer by leting it run cooler and the higher comp gives a needed boost in power and its only 35 bucks to your door

trust me on this one lol the last two dax kits i ordered had heads with verry poor castins and plug threads were so bad i couldnt even ise one of them! nothing P O s u more than getting a kit and not even being able to set it up for a customer cause the head is junk out the box and having to do a high compression upgrade for free for them and trying to explain why !!!! Then they like you though cause they get a big ol high comp head for free but it does cut into my build time and money! !!!

Does this mean i dont like dax? no i love dax motors i just got the luck of the draw on two motors . . . It happens thease things are from china and are made in a toy factory

will i buy dax again heck yes and probably for my next customer and if the head that comes with that kit is junk to well i guess they get a puch hi comp upgrade for free and i will probaby have to wright a letter to dax pointing out the bad head castings and plug threads but as of now i chalk it up to the luck of the draw
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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