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Default Re: Looking to buy first bike engine kit and i need help deciding which is the best?

Peraonally i would go qith a grubee gt5

Its a 38mm stroke but it has the same full circle crank as the dax ballanced bottom does it just has the big end pin drilled for 38mm instead of 40 mm

it comes with a larger bore and longer intake than the dax 16mm bore and 6in long vs dax 13mm bore and 3in long so u will get better flow of the bat and the steel intake has a larger flange with thick weld making it port match to the jug a whole **** of a lot better than the little flange on the dax does

it comes with a fuly tunable cns carb with a high flow filter, this carb is larger than the dax nt carb and for me at least it tunes easy and it has a noticably better low end and throttle responce , i actually tos the dax intake and carb in the junk pile and swap to the long z and cns when i buy a dax kit

other than that all the ht motors are pretty much the same

but thats why i buy grubee gt5s cause i get a better intake and carb with larger bores and better flow and i find the 38mm stroke likes high rpms and takes mods like high roofed and large exhaust durations better

but if your just looking for a stock put put and dont give a crap i will tell you to contact motorbicycleraceing a member here and get a gen v motor kit he suplies you with a 40t rear sprocket and that is a hug big deal and is how the motor should be geared for a 26in wheel

his gen v kits are the top of the top if you want a good running kit geared right from the start. They take mods like high compression and handle high rpms and they dont vibe as mutch as others do
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