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Smile Re: Looking to buy first bike engine kit and i need help deciding which is the best?

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
more depends on the builder than the kit
There is some truth to this statement, but I have kits that I have done good solid mods to that because of a badly balanced and untrue crank you are very limited to what you can get out of them, but on the other hand, if you start off with a better foundation like a dax or Neil engine, even in its stock unmodified form it will run smoother and out perform a badly balanced engine that may have a the right things done to it but has such out of wack internals mainly the crankshaft that it will vibrate itself out of any performance ability.

But yes top performance will depend on what is done to the engine even if it is a good platform to begin with, things have to be done right even to a good engine that has a lot of potential.


A solid engine with a good crank is the key to a good build... and I know this to be a fact and is why
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