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Default Re: Looking to buy first bike engine kit and i need help deciding which is the best?

Personally I like the engines that are sold by and by another fellow member here Neil Senior aka: (Motorbicycleracing) this is his forum name.

Sax calls his the Gen IV and Neil reffers to his as the Gen V, these are better than average engines in my opinion and experience, better balanced cranks and better main crank bearings, the rest is typical china girl stuff that needs some deburring and TLC to get it all just right.

Now one thing you should understand is that although these engines I have referred to here are capable of pushing an easy rolling well built bike down the road at 40 MPH, that honestly all depends on several things, if you are looking for reliability out of one of these little engines realistically you should be thinking, a well built bike that can cruise in the low to mid 30's, the gearing is critical and the terrain you plan to ride on is also a factor, if you have hills where you plan to ride then you will need to gear the bike for those conditions, having a well tune carb and an exhaust modified to breathe better than the stock pipe is also needed for good power and torque, I have bikes that will cruise nice at 40+ MPH pulling me at 215 lbs, but they engines have some internal work done to them, example: port work that isnt complicated to do if you have the tools and know how, but if you run one of these engine 40+ mph for 30 miles you may or may not make it there and back under engine power, they aren't made for that and the amount of rpm's they turn at those speeds will wear the little gal out pretty quick if you plan it to be a daily rider at those kinda speeds, just aint gonna hold up.

Now if you build it to have a top speed in the 40 MPH range but plan to cruise it at 30-32 MPH with a good quality oil and everything about the engine and bike set up right that is doable and it is possible to have a fairly reliable bike this way, but you are talking about running one of these things at break neck speeds that they just wont hold up to but for so long, I run mine pretty hard at times but not for more than 6-7 miles at a time and then I do most of my riding in the low to mid 30's.

you will get many opinions here along with the ones I just gave, I give mine based on my personal experiences since I got into this hobby in 2009 when I built my first bike that still runs good with several thousand miles on it.

Dax is out of his GenIV kits right now looks like but you can PM Neil (motorbicycleracing) and he can most likely get you fixed up, he's a knowledgeable fella and he takes care of his customers as much as he can, he doesn't do pay pal but can quickly tell you how you can get what you need and he will get it shipped out to you asap, he's an honest man and I prefer the type engines he sells over all the other I have used, smoother, better power and fastest china girl engines I have had so far.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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