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Default Re: Started putting my newest build bike together today, (link)

Thanks Dave,

Yeah I'm thinking a Black engine will be what she gets, I'm thinking about doing a reversed jug on the engine I build for this bike like what bairdco has done to several of his, I have an expansion pipe that I think will work real good on these engines but there just isn't a way to use it like I want to with exhaust exit up from, but with it exiting at an angle toward the back on the right side of the bike I think I can get it on the bike just right, I don't want a long lead off pipe because I want the pipe to do its best in the higher RPM cruise speed range.

I plan on having a lay back seat post on the bike also, it is fairly comfy as it is but a bit more leg room will make it even better, I think this is gonna get a rea mounted fuel tank also, I had thought about building an in frame tank for this bike but the space in the frame up front is a bit smaller than I would like, I could still do it and make the take about 6" wide and possible end up with a good half gallon or maybe a tag more, but I think a large dia. PVC fuel tank that has multiple coat of spray in truck bed liner on it is gonna be what I end up with on this bike, I have plans to make a nice steel tank for rear mount at some point but just dont have time to do it right now.

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