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Smile Re: MY CDI comparison results are posted in swap and shop..

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I got the same results you did with the Rocket CDI unfortunately and I was hoping it would stay strong on top but the power does fade off with it installed. The real reason I wanted that CDI was because I could use a better more reliable coil instead of the tiny integral coil in the stock CDI.
I was going to get the HD lightning setup because so many people claimed it ran better, maybe it does depending on engine setup etc, but really there's no way to make a high performance CDI without having some way to adjust the timing curve to match the engine setup because it may rock on a stock engine but not give any gains or even lose power on a built engine. Jaguar tried to address that problem but made all the curves way too mild for any kind of performance use. Now if someone could make a CDI unit that's as agressive as the stock or the HD lightning with a way to fine tune it to each individual setup that's the one I'd buy... something with a 10 turn precision pot instead of preset jumpers to change the resistance or capacitance would really be nice...

Yeah, Dave I agree, I'm not electronics savy on all this stuff myself but I have talked to some others who are members and more on this forum who do have a lot of knowledge on the stuff and they have also told me that there is no way that any of these preset CDI's can possibly live up to the Hype and Claims being made about them.

No doubt in my testing the HD's Lightening shows to be the best compared to the jag or the Rocket CDI, but as far as performance gains it still does not add anything beyond what the little stock unit does on my engines, it looks good and works good, just doesn't add performance that I have been able to detect over what the stock unit gives, I'll say again that under certain circumstances of extremely high compression, it is possible that having the larger stronger coil is an advantage, but I have no proof of that and I have seen no proof from anyone else on it either, just an assumption that may or may not be valid.

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