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Default Re: Problem with centrifugal clutch - Newb

I ordered a centrifugal clutch a while back and it's the type that can be pedal started or pull started and it doesn't use any oil in the case, the pull start only type does need to be sealed off so you can put oil in that part of the case.
I ran into a similar problem where the bolt holes didn't line up perfectly with my case so I had to dremel a few of the holes to get them to line up properly. This is probably normal for most builds since these engines are slightly different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Mine didn't need extra gaskets for clearance tho, but I've heard of it being a problem for others. I think I saw that same youtube and the guy drilled the holes to make it easier to lube the bevel gear so he wouldn't havve to remove the cover and the clutch assembly to access the area that needs to be lubed regularly.
The other problem I found with the one I got was that the one way clutch bearings are very cheaply made and they would bind up instead of freewheel in one direction so I had to lathe off a few thousandths from the shaft extension so it would work properly
Hope that answers your question.
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