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Default Re: the problem with motorbicycling

Most likely... but I'm gonna have my fun with it while I can... I used to love mountain biking but a few years back I took an 8 foot fall off a ladder and tore the cartilage in my left ankle, the doctors were treating it like a sprain and put me thru therapy which just made it worse so they decided to operate on it to remove some scar tissue etc, told me I'd be walking again in a few days... then I woke up with my leg wrapped up in a splint and told not to put ANY weight on it for 6 weeks... Come to find out the doctor saw the real problem once he had me cut open and decided to just shave all the cartilage off my ankle. This left me permanently injured there and I have to walk with a cane... and no more pedaling... Then I found out about putting these engines on my bike so that's what I did and now I'm hooked because I can ride again regardless of my bad ankle, but what's even more fun is to take it for a ride, bring it home, and pull the engine to do tons of mods to make it faster, put it back on and let ehr rip... I'm on my second engine now, not because I broke the first one, but because the mods I'm doing to that engine were keeping me from riding so I built a temporary engine with moderate upgrades until I'm done upgrading the firat one...
It's fun and it's definitely addictive so I'm sure there are people out there looking how to get these things illegal as fast as they can...
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