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Default Several questions.... fuel storage/mixing, and electrical.

New here. Registered a while ago, but not active until now. As the title says, I have a few questions, and wasn't sure which one of the many categories they belonged in. So I figure general is a good place to try.

I searched quite a bit on this one and found nothing. There is plenty of advice and opinions on fuel/oil ratios, but I see no tips on methods of mixing and storage. Basically, what's the easiest way to carry and mix my fuel? Keep a gas can on my bike? Keep just the oil with me and pump directly to the gas tank, then mix directly in the tank? I added a rack to the back, and then installed a nice scooter trunk. Between the trunk and the seat, there is plenty of room to keep a gas can, or preferably install a larger square gas tank. Either way, half a gallon in the main tank has me needing to refill a little too often, and currently my method of refilling involves walking to the gas station with a can, walking home, and then mixing the oil and finally filling my tank. Right now I'm still breaking in the engine(a little rougher than I should) so it's not too bad. But once I have the break-in more or less done, and the lights/signals installed, I want to start using the bike for longer trips.

As for ratios, I had meant to break it in at 16:1, but on my recent tank, I accidentally mixed it 32:1 and didn't realize my mistake until it was nearly used-up. It ran better than the 16:1 did. So that's what I think I'm going with after this last half a liter or so of 16:1 runs out. I might try a better oil at 50:1, but not sure, as I read in more than one place that you should continue to use the same oil you broke-in the engine with. I don't know if the stuff I'm using now would do well on a 50:1 mix. It's Havoline TC-W3 2 cycle oil. At $5 for a quart, it was miles cheaper than the tiny bottles they were selling for twice the price.

The second question involves the electrical system. While looking for info on the output from the white wire, it was mentioned that the magneto can output 3 watts max(6-9 volt depending on RPMs). Is that 3 watts max on the white wire for the lights? Or is that in total, with the other power needs of the engine? I want to DIY a 6v ac to 12v dc converter, and use it to charge a 12v SLA battery. That battery would then be used to power a CREE LED headlight, and custom low-power LED turn signals and break lights. Possibly other stuff if I can coax the battery into powering more.

The guys that sell the 12v generator addon for the engines on ebay, also sell a 12v charger to pair with it. But that package is expensive. However, they also sell a 6v ac to 6v dc adapter that runs off the white wire, and is meant to charge a 6v SLA battery. They claim it does not interfere at all with proper engine operation. They also claim that it can technically charge a 12v SLA albeit slowly/poorly. So I figure my 6v ac to 12v dc should also be possible. It would just take much longer to charge the battery. I also plan to grab a cheap wall charger for the battery though, so I can give it an occasional full charge in the house. Does this seem feasible? Or should I just go for the 6v dc charger that they are selling, and use a 6v battery for my lights?

Also wondering, when I use the white wire, do I ground to the frame, or to the black wire? I hate using the frame as ground, so hopefully the black wire can be used as ground for the charger.

Probably would have been much easier to buy a nice scooter with everything already purpose-built, but there's something satisfying about DIYing the whole system yourself. Cheaper, too. Found a site that sells a wide range of LEDs and other parts/accessories related to LED lighting systems, absurdly cheap. The LEDs for my turn signals and break lights, plus the resistors, wires, shrink tube, and solder, will cost about $12 shipped. My trunk has reflectors built-in that look like motorcycle tail lights. So I plan to just drill into that from inside and install the leds, and store the battery right in the trunk. Mount the scooter style light-controls to the handlebars, wire it up, and I'm good to go.

I have more question about various things, but I'm certain there are existing threads related to those topics, so I'll ask there.
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