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Default Re: MY CDI comparison results are posted in swap and shop..

Originally Posted by greaser_monkey_87 View Post
So it would seem, based on your results, that the "HD Lightning" CDI performs about the same as the stock CDI. This is good data-based info, as opposed to those who say they can "feel" a difference in power with the HD CDI. Thank you for sharing this. I'm sure it will help many people make a wiser decision with their money. Why spend $70 when you can have the same thing for $15?
I just wanted to do an honest test for my own questions about whether or not my bikes benefit from a high dollar ignition vs the stock kit ignition, as I have said my engines have several mods to them, high compression, jugs ported , pistons ramped to change port timing, carbs well tuned and exhausts the flow freely, that is the reason my bikes easily do top speeds in the mid 40's to close to 50mph and even with all these mods the "custom CDI's added zero performance gains that I can detect and added no increase in top speed over what my bikes will do with the simple and inexpensive stock cdi unit.

Some may be offended by what I have done and said here but that is not my intent, I just want to honestly seperate fluff from facts on things that can cost people money they may not be able to really afford to spend on something they hope to add performance but doesn't, if someone has the extra to spend and wants the extra bling bling from custom made parts I say go for it, but vendors should not be leading people to believe that a part is gonna add power and speed a china girl engine when in reality they have not done any honest comparison testing to prove their claims.

I was very disappointed with the Rocket CDI, it looks like a rigged up mess being its in a pill bottle that looks like you would find in the garbage and then it decreased performance compared to the stock unit it has been advertised to be better than, it does work and on a basically stock engine build it should work just fine and give the engine all it will need to do ithe best it can.

The HD's Lightening CDI looks good, has a nice on and off switch on the cdi box, it showed identical performance to the stock cdi on my bikes, so I have nothing bad to say about it at all, it does a nice job of doing exactly the same thing as the stock unit does but adds a custom built look and a key switch, if someone is willing to pay the extra to have that look and the switch then the HD's Lightening will be what I will always recommend, but dont expect any big power or speed gains because you wont get any in my experience and testing, you get a neat looking black box and a remote ignition coil that looks good and will do anything a stock unit will do and does have a bigger stronger coil that may be better for realy high compression engines in some cases.

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