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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

It's really cool that we get to share our passion/hobby with people from all around the world. At least now I know I'm not the only crazy one haha.

You have some really cool builds. I've seen a couple of them before. That soft-tail you have is seriously rad. You do nice work and really know your stuff. Thanks for info and pics on the smaller sprocket setup. I had some doubts about it but I'm glad its worked out great for you. On my last build with 26" wheels and somewhat stock setup I rarely used my 7th gear(14t). It was just too tall. Maybe since I'm going down a size or two in the front the 7th gear will be more usable. I just didn't want to be revving high in 7th and now I don't think it will be a problem.

Something I just learned recently is those RT/Dellorto carbs have a fuel filter in the fuel inlet. It's pretty neat and they are replaceable for cheap. I plan to use an in tank/petcock filter and the one in the carb. Before I knew that though I was gonna run an inline filter like usual. Just a heads up.

Yeah, I've seen the headlights on ebay for $35. Those are the same as the one I got but I got it from treatland. I've never heard of the acerbis/ufo one like you mentioned. I googled it but couldn't find anything relevant. It's probably just a name someone gave this generic headlight. The one I have came with a little decal that says "Tun(R)"

Nothing wrong with wanting to soak up some info before you post what ya got. Thats what I did. All the questions I had I found answers to by using the search function. So, I never needed to make a post asking questions. But, Posting your bike for others to get ideas is what makes this forum so great. Showing those unique items might help another person on their build. It maybe just the solution they were looking for. Most people as well as me, take tid-bits that we like and would fit our build from other peoples bikes. I don't think anyone would straight copy your ride. Everyone has their own style and taste.

According to a well know quote by Charles Caleb Colton; "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." But I can see from an artist point of view it would be kinda irritating if someone takes your hard work and well thought out idea and just straight up makes the exact same thing. Although if they change it up and use their own imagination and ideas. That would be flattering because rather than a direct copy they are emulating the same style. And/or makes a new version of something old. Like the china girl and even the other clone motors. I doubt honda loses much sleep over the cloned motors. My bike is a clone of several bikes from the 70's but since those aren't around anymore and haven't been for a while it cool IMO. The carbs and other parts are often cloned as well and like honda, I doubt dellorto loses much sleep over the RT carb. There could be a huge discussion just on this. But let's get back to the bikes.

Your second post(#24) I don't quite get what you mean.

When I was a teen one of my bike got ran over when someone was backing out of the driveway. The rear chain/seatpost stays were all bent up and the wheel taco'd a little bit. Being at my grandmas at the time with limited tools, I used a big hammer to beat the bike and wheel back into shape. It took an hour or so but when I was done she rode nice and smooth again. I never thought I would fix a bike with a hammer. Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. **I would not recommend doing anything like this to a motor powered bike though.**

If you are referring to the rear dropouts/chainstays then no worries. They are fine. Nice and straight and true. I took my time and made sure it was all even and straight. I'll have a chain on it soon so we shall see.

I've been working on bikes for over a couple decades now. I've probably had between 50-60 bikes and worked on many more than that. Bicycles have been my main hobby since I was 5. I may not know it all but I get by and what I don't know I ALWAYS look up and do tons of research. I researched motorized bicycles for over two months before I bought my first kit, just so I would know the basics before getting into something I'm unfamiliar with.

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