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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

What is the ufo clone headlight? I've never heard it called that. Got any info on it or a link? I got mine from treatland. I am thoroughly enjoying myself. This bike is my dream build and I have been super lucky so far with things fitting.

Those THE fenders would look cool on a bike like this. Mine are more like cruiser fenders. I have an LED tail/brake light for mopeds that is fender mount. Should work out ok. I plan to put some small LED turn signals on the rear seat mount and the fairing. Blinkers help a lot. I've almost been run over several times because I was turning left when the car behind me started to pass. Since I put blinker/brake light on my Schwinn it never happened again. One of the reasons I got that headlight is because before people at intersections would see me; a bicycle not pedalling. So they assume I'm going slower than I really am. And they pull out in front of me. Hopefully they see that light and will think its a scooter/moped, then realized I'm probably going more than 5-10 mph.

The rear dropouts were about 1/4" too narrow for the new 7 speed axle. I padded the rear chainstays and used a car scissor jack to evenly stretch the dropout width. Stock it was 5 1/4". I needed about 1/4" more room. I ended up having to stretch the chainstays to 6 1/4" in order for it to be the 5 1/2" because it sprung back when I lowered the jack.

The chain alignment from front chainring to rear wheel is fine. I checked it with a piece of twine. Right now the rear brake arm is in the way but its just because I haven't adjusted them yet.

The only chain alignment issue I have is from the jackshaft to the front drive sprocket. Like I said I have some smaller sprockets and the 11 tooth jackshaft sprocket(to help compensate for the lost top end when going to a smaller driven sprocket) on the way to take care of that issue.

I got in my chrome side covers and jnm damp pro case quiet from Jake's. I also got in a bicycle work stand. No more sitting on the floor tinkering for this guy.

As I said before these pics are just mock-up and not much is actually bolted down. So thing might look a little crooked.
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