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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Haha thanks Sub! I like that. "Timewarp" has a good ring to it and fits it to the tee.

In order to install my bottom shift kit u-bolt on the seat post tube. The one that holds the threaded rod to raise and lower the motor. I'll have a pic so you can see what I'm trying to say. But I had to drill a hole in it because of that rear brake arrangement. The rear brake cable goes thru the bottom of the seat post tube. Also because of that rear brake cable I had the put my front motor mount together around that cable then on the motor.

Those rear shocks are better than I thought they would be. They are nice and firm but gobble up the big bumps. The thick moped seat helps a lot too. The stock seat was hard as a brick. The hard/small seat would be fine if I was using it for dirt jumping and what not. But for cruisin I need a big soft seat. I got lucky with the one I got. It fits perfect after some modification.

The tires that came stock are awesome. They are nice vintage looking knobbies. With a 2.4" in the front to dig in on the turns and a 2.0" rear to save weight and make it easier to pedal. This was a common arrangement with race bmx bikes. They felt nice when I took it on the first spin.

As cool as they are they just don't fit my needs. I'm gonna mainly be on the street or hardpack. So big huge knobbies aren't needed. The smoother high psi Maxxis ringworms fit my needs better. They are plenty wide at 1.95", can go up to 110 psi, and still have somewhat of an aggressive tread pattern. They look like it will handle my needs just perfect. They have hard rubber in the middle of the tread(for less rolling resistance) and soft on the outer edges(for turning grip). The tread goes all the way to the bead so there are no flat/pointy edges when turning and leaning her over.

I will be using wide chrome fenders and even the widest bike fenders I could find wouldn't fit that front 2.4" stock knobby tire. I suppose moped fenders would work but I really like the heavy duty Wald fenders like I got. I used them on my Schwinn and they are nice and heavy-duty. All the mounts and tabs are nice and thick. I highly recommend them. It's still good to re-enforce all mounting points though.
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