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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Thanks for the questions and comments fellas. Such a great community/hobby. Glad, I found these things. I had been looking for something like this my whole life.

I too had been wanting a smaller dual suspension bike. I was gonna use a banana seat with suspension sissy bar on my second build but found this bike just before I was gonna order a different bike.

"Slow down"- I don't know the meaning of those words haha. Yes, this is a production bike. It's made by GreenLine Bicycle Co. It must be pretty new because I saw it for the first time not long ago and I had been heavily looking for a while. Also, there are no reviews to be found on it yet. I got mine from Amazon, but other places have them too. It's actually $20 cheaper on amazon now than when I bought it a couple weeks ago. Heres the link:

Or you might be able to find a 1974-76 Yamaha Moto-bike, the Kawasaki version or one of the few other similar bikes from the 70's. They are kinda hard to find and in some peoples opinion the holy grail of BMX bikes. When you do find them and the person is willing to part with it they usually bring a good chunk of change even in ran down/fair condition. There are also the japanese import versions that are more elaborate and more $$$. The GreenLine DS-20 is a clone of those bikes. Basically taking all the good parts from each and putting them on this new bike. I didn't know about the 70's bikes when I bought it. A couple days after I got it I stumbled upon the Yamaha Moto-bike on ebay. Then googled them. Pretty cool bikes back then.

I converted the bike from single speed to 7 speed and I'm using a Sick bike parts shift kit. That way I don't have to worry about chain slack because my derailleur will take care of that. I suppose one could use a heavy duty spring loaded tensioner if you kept it single speed and ran a sprocket on the left side of the rear wheel. I don't know about all that though. I'm sure it can be done but going with the shift kit means you don't gotta worry about that.

On the other hand with this small frame and tight spaces is making the shift kit/motor install a little more in-depth/challenging than normal. I have a couple smaller front drive/driven sprockets coming in from SBP to play with. Because as of right now there isn't enough room between the motor and the sprocket for the chain to be in a straight line.

Have any other questions? Keep'em coming.

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