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Default Re: gas guzzler?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Am really curious. less then 50 MPG seems extreme. Just wondering here, Crysis but where do you park her, is there any fuel below or is the airfilter wet?

The reason I ask is I have had more then one carb with a bad float leak gas. LOL, 'cause when I remember to shut the gas off, I forget to turn it back on and get about a block or so from the house and wonder why I am bogging out.

But am thinking you should have way better MPG then that. But honestly, when stuck, I ask Map for advise. Just offering a thought.
Yeah 50 mpg or less is a very extreme amount of fuel being used by a china girl engine, my fastest bikes that will really wind up and cruise at 40+ mph use just under 2 liters on a 35-40 mile round trip ride which I make sometimes that probably puts mine getting around 75-80 mpg at the speeds I ride, im sute if I would back off and cruise in the low 30's I'd see 90+ mpg.

But those engines have a few hundred miles on them now also.

Lol.... thanks for the atta boy on the advice stuff Dan, but you fellas and several more on here have more experience and knowledge than I on this stuff, I just try to share my personal experiences hoping it will be of some help to someone now and then, im sure you can teach me way more than I could you Dan.....

Peace, map
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