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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Thanks guys,
The DS-20 isn't my first motorized bicycle build. I would NOT recommend the DS-20 or any unknown/unused bike to a first timer. There are way too many unknowns and modification. To be honest I'm not even 100% sure I'm gonna be able to make it work. It's kinda an odd size and takes a lot of patience and parts on and off to make them fit. Not much has gone on in the normal order or way a normal build would go. If I was still new to china girls and shift kits, then this build would be intense to say the least and IMO too much to just jump right into as a first timer. Like I said I have been extremely lucky that its made it this far.

My first one was a Schwinn Searcher that I later put a SBP shift kit on. As well as several other mods. I went over it a bit in my second post, but I don't blame you for not reading ALL of that wall of text above haha! The more important one is my third post anyways.

My, next step while waiting for parts is I'm gonna make a gas tank mount which will raise the tank a little more to hopefully look a little more level with the seat. If it stays nice outside maybe paint a few little things. After that I'll put my hand controls on. Eventually I will cut my stem down an inch or so. That way my handlebars will be a little lower and tuck behind the fairing better.

When I get the parts I need to get her on the road I'm gonna take more pics and video. Once she is "done" and I get another motorized bicycle going I will do the finishing paint/body work. So far the plan is to black out most bolts/mounts, cranks and chain guard. Then, the fairing, gas tank, and BB sprockets will be VHT Fire red metallic. Lots of other parts and plans to go over. So, Pull up a chair and a nice cold drink and hang on for the ride.

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