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Default Re: Honda OHC Dirt Bike Engine

Originally Posted by Techbiker View Post
I dream of using an XR200 or XR250 dirt bike engine on a bicycle. You think that a predator 212 is powerful?

A 1980's OHC XR200 will rev to 9000+ rpm and will produce 19hp in its stock configuration with 200cc of displacement, according to the manual! O.o Probably closer to 13hp in reality tho. It also includes a real motorcycle transmission.

The XR80 engine I'm using on my board track build produces around 5hp stock. I hope that EFI, free-flowing intake and exhaust get me to 7hp. All on 80cc. I should be able to break 10,000 rpm.

I can't wait to get this build done and post a video.
We should be able to hit about 20hp from 80cc. A well tuned 80cc scooter I saw a while back cranked juuuuust over 30hp, and was a 3-speed, so... yeah it was fast. I'm not sure at what RPM though, I think it was 12000?
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