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Default Re: Happy times china girl books etc

Because of manufacturing tolerances, or lack thereof, with the Chinese 2 stroke, anyone writing a comprehensive specification guide would only be speaking from his/her experience or, again, giving opinions.

If they were Harley or Honda engines, the factory would have exact figures to go from. Unfortunately because of the many and varied Chinese factories producing these engines all figures would only be 'ball park' at best.

As for as torque values there are standard charts published that cover steel fasteners into cast aluminum threads. Typically speaking you only have about three sizes to deal with on an HT. 5, 6 and 8mm which equates to 18/25 inch pounds, 40/60 inch pounds and 120/140 inch pounds. Those are safe numbers, not carved in stone, again because of the quality control issues of the metals we have to deal with.

I feel you are over-thinking the engine. They're crude and low quality, but lots of fun. Maybe you should consider compiling the info you want based on your findings with your engine. I think you'll see the inconsistencies I'm referring to when compared with other engines.

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