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Default Re: need for speed

On my beast I have a 36T sprocket, and the 'Speed NT' carb (red rectangular cover).. With the carriers loaded, on a flat ground run I can get it close to 70 kph.. (43.5 mph) However I start to get a speed wobble just over 65 kph.. weight all together is about 250 lbs (165 lbs of me and 85 lbs for the beast). However, hill climbing does suffer. My knees have to be pumping about as fast as the piston helping it up to the house from the river-side paths.

On stock 44T sprockets (with stock carb), most of my builds have very easily (and happily) hit 55-60 kph (35-37) on the first ride, and can get me uphill pretty smoothly.

On the wife's with a 48T/stock carb, top speed is around 50 kph or so (she's not one for pushing it to the limits) but it'll climb hills with a trailer full of groceries hooked on with no problem.


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