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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I've never been good at painting, the only thing that still looks good for me are these

Paint them back in 2007, and still looks good today.
Hopefully, when i do paint my bike it'll look half as good. hahha

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
The red tires will look a lot better after you paint your frame yellow... I saw a Suzuki TL1000R with red Tomahawk tires and it looked ultra rad with the yellow bike and red tires.

If I decide to use colored tires on mine I'll look for a lime green set and do the bike in black and dark gray with lime green and white pinstriping or accents... That's my fav color combo.

Yeah, I really like the 2k clear in the rattle can for smaller jobs because it gives the same toughness and superior shine as automotive 2k clear but the convenience of spraying it anywhere. I got 3 Binks clone paint guns, 3 or 4 touch up guns, and about 7 or 8 airbrushes, all the airbrushes are high end name brand tho like DeVilbiss, Badger, and Paasche, I've tried a few Iwata clones before and they just didn't perform, but the name brand ones do great. For the paint guns, since I'm more of an artist than a painter, the Binks clones do just fine as long as they're kept really really clean... Some of the best clone paint guns I've seen are the Harbor Freight professional paint gun kit that comes with 2 guns in a plastic case... the chrome and purple ones for like $49... Everyone I know that has that set loves them and says they perform just as good as the namebrand stuff. I got my 3 gun kit from and they're good, but I've heard the harbor freight ones are a lot better so I'll get that kit before I start painting again. Once I start painting again I'll most likely sub contract out the clear coating since the paint is soooo toxic and I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to spray it at the shop I'll be renting yet.
I finally got my CNC router now and got it all set up so I've been in here a LOT less trying to learn all the software etc. and I'll be opening up a store front here in San Antonio as soon as I can find a good space to rent so I'll be up and painting again, mostly airbrushing, but I'll also be doing custom CNC art... as well as making a few goodies for these engines that i've been wanting to make and test, I'll also be making my own copper gasket sets etc too... and anything else anyone in here might think up that's reasonable... and I'm buying my wife a professional embroidery machine that I need to learn and teach her to use, but it'll also be set up at the new shop and I'll turn some of my artwork into T shirts or button downs etc too.
If you guys don't see me in here for a while it's not because I lost interest or anything like that, I just need to take some time out and learn all this software so I can get it to pay for it's self soon... lol
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