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Default Re: Not having a good day today.

Okay. I think it went like this:
The original ring snag must have damaged the transfer lip more than I thought and started a small crack in the lip which broke off under power and caused enough debris to get sucked up into the other transfer, breaking off the big chunk, which then had carnal knowledge of my new FredHead.
Once again it seems to boil down to MY error in not replacing the cylinder.
In my defense, I DID inspect it and very carefully de-burred the small notch left from the first go-round. The only way I could have spotted this hidden defect would have been with dye and revealer. (magnaflux don't work on aluminum)
Lesson learned. Never trust a china cylinder that has had ANY debris run through it, regardless of how it looks.
*shakes head and slowly wanders off muttering*
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