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Default Re: What REALLY causes more pollution? Gas or Electric?

I understand a lot more than you give me credit for about steam engines and the universe and everything... Nothing you or anyone else can say will ever change my mind about the dangers of nuclear power. Here is a list of vacation sites that I can recommend to you. I'm gonna have a banana now:
2011 Fukushima
2001 Instituto Oncologico Nacional#Accident
1996 San Juan de Dios radiotherapy accident
1990 Clinic of Zaragoza radiotherapy accident
1987 Goi‚nia
1986 Chernobyl
1979 Three Mile Island
1969 Lucens reactor
1962 Thor missile launch failures during nuclear weapons testing at Johnston Atoll under Operation Fishbowl
1962 Cuban missile crisis
1961 SL-1 nuclear meltdown
1961 K-19 nuclear accident
1957 Kyshtym disaster
1957 Windscale fire
1957 Operation Plumbbob
1954 Totskoye nuclear exercise
Bikini Atoll
Hanford Site
Rocky Flats Plant
Techa River
Lake Karachay
If you have to force it there must be a better way
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