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Default Re: What REALLY causes more pollution? Gas or Electric?

Originally Posted by massdrive View Post
How can you possibly say nuclear power is the cleanest option? We still don't know what to do with the waste, the waste that kills everything it comes in contact with. Reuse it as fuel? That's a pipe dream. Even if it was cleaner it is to dangerous. How much radioactive material is swirling around the Earth in the wind and water and soil. There is virtually no place on Earth that is not polluted with radiation. How is coal more radioactive?
Because depleted uranium has uses, coal is far more radioactive ( ), there's NOTHING in the universe that isn't radioactive in some way, if an element has a half-life, it's radioactive. In fact the potassium in bananas is 5x more radioactive than the background level (from the earth, sun and stars), and 1/6 that of a chest x-ray. Flying in a plane for 8 hours is the equivalent to 30 chest x-rays. Radioactivity is the least of your worries. As for the waste, it's not a pipe dream, it's very real.

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