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Default Re: What REALLY causes more pollution? Gas or Electric?

Originally Posted by mew905 View Post
solar produces some pretty toxic crap too from manufacturing. Nuclear is probably the cleanest option, especially when they have plans to produce plants that will use the waste from the nuclear plants, to produce more electricity, and despite the whole "what if a disaster happens" thing (coal plants are actually a few hundred times more radioactive than nuclear plants are anyway), theyre probably the best option for the future... too bad conspiracists and activists are too caught up in the word "nuclear" to stop holding them back from replacing the other plants.
How can you possibly say nuclear power is the cleanest option? We still don't know what to do with the waste, the waste that kills everything it comes in contact with. Reuse it as fuel? That's a pipe dream. Even if it was cleaner it is to dangerous. How much radioactive material is swirling around the Earth in the wind and water and soil. There is virtually no place on Earth that is not polluted with radiation. How is coal more radioactive?
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