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Angry Not having a good day today.

Pulled the Pig jug for routine inspection today after the first tank, and this is what I found.

Notice the long crack in the center of the smaller hole? (Top pic is upside down) It looks like something was wedged between the wall and the slug, yet there are NO marks (other than normal wear) on the piston ON EITHER SIDE! The only sign of damage on the slug is the top which is is all dinged to hello from running the chunks through it, as is my new FredHead, which you KNOW is bunching my panties quite tight.
Both transfers wasted with chunks run through the works, no sign of debris or ring damage. It would have messed up a ring if they had snagged BOTH of the lips. No shiny dust or bits remain. The only possible I can figure is a foreign object somehow getting past my briggs air filter (also leaving no sign)
No strange noises?!?!?
I find it baffling that this could happen with no odd symptoms or strange noises at all, especially considering how anal I am about every little noise or change when running in a newly assembled motor.
The only thing I noticed at all was an inconsistent idle, which I figured was simply from the top end being so fresh.
I'm beginning to think this motor is haunted or something.
Maybe it's the re-incarnated soul of one of the thousands of helpless mechanical victims claimed by my younger days as a speed freak come back to make me pay for my engine sins.
All I know is I'm getting real tired of this musical engine baloney.
*trudges out to re-re-re-re-re-swap the Pig motor. Again.*
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