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Default Re: Just for fun: whats the biggest motor fitted to a bike?

Originally Posted by sportscarpat View Post
A 212cc will spank a Morini anyday. I ran around on the S6S (?? it's been awhile) that was rated at 9.4 hp. Not impressed. The 212cc engines run nice but are more than a typical bicycle chassis can handle. I am currently building a 212cc stroker that should net about 236cc and about 25 hp. Should be a fun bike.
Fully agreed... I like 2 strokers and I run a built up China Girl engine, but there's no substitute for the torque a 212 can put out, and the engines I was refering to were the KTM and Morini type that make good top end power but they only make about 2 ft/lb torque... Yes, they are strong when in their powerband, but a big 4 stroke with less horsepower will win just about every time because of the wide powerband and fat torque curve. Now a 200cc 2 stroke with 40 horsepower will beat a 212cc Pred, but not a 50cc 2 stroke with 9 horsepower...
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