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Default Re: how to use the choke

TakeiT, The "gold button" you refer to is the 'tickler' or early primer. It isn't a pump. but actually pushes the float down, sinking it so an excess of fuel flows into the carburetor bowl that assures you have a fuel rich mixture for cold starts.

Pushing that button doesn't pump fuel so there is no need to 'pump' it or push it multiple times. If you feel the need, just depress the button, hold it in for a few seconds, maybe three to five and that's all you'll need to do.

If you take the NT carburetor apart and look at the end of the pin that is the "gold button" you'll see what it does when depressed. It isn't a pump.

Thanks, Allen. I want to see new builders get the most fun and enjoyment from their bikes. Offering good solid, no nonsense advice is how I can do it here.

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