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Default Re: Just for fun: whats the biggest motor fitted to a bike?

I've seen those RC jets put on go karts before just to see what they can do... This guy was using a 30lb thrust engine and it accelerated slow at first but kept accelerating until he ran out of road... never got to find out how fast it actually went..
Yeah... trikes are great when it comes to engine selection since there's usually plenty enough room to put just about anything in them. I remember back in the mid 70's there were several V8 trike kits out there and I remember seeing a lot of them made from Corvair or VW rear engines. Then recently... about 2 or 3 years ago I saw a full sized RV that was converted to a trike with a big block Chevy engine. The driver sat outside on a motorcycle seat and controlled it with handlebars then the passengers sat inside to enjoy the full comfort the RV offers.
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