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Default Re: Just for fun: whats the biggest motor fitted to a bike?

I've recently seen someone in here built one with a Lifan V twin... He did have to make a custom frame for it tho but it looked and sounded Sweeeet...
A 212cc Predator engine will do really nice on a bicycle too since it has more torque than the small 2 strokers to make up for the lower horsepower output... and then some... Not to mention a Pred 212 can be upgraded to above 20hp if you feel like spending about a grand on parts and machine work...
Man I could just imagine a KX500 engine in a bicycle frame... it would probably rip right out of the frame or tear the spokes out of the hub the first time ya gunned it... but it would sure be fun once you beefed up the frame and driveline... if you could even keep the front end on the road... lol
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